Who is PMP?

With over 25 years experience in the Australian R&D, product de- velopment and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, personal care, homecare and grooming markets the founder of PMP noticed a huge gap in the market – an important part of the Male Anatomy was not being catered for. Proper male hygiene requires different products than the rest of your body – this area puts up with a lot, is a delicate area and can be prone to infection, sweat odour and discomfort! After intense researching what men want and need the Perfect Male Package (PMP) evolved.

PMP products were developed and formulated to suit any man of any lifestyle ; our aim is to help you feel cleaner, moisturised, odour free, fresher , drier, protected and keep that Male Package PERFECT!

All PMP products have been tested on Australian Men!

Researched, developed and made in Sydney Australia in a GMP ISO 22716 accredited factory. Adhering to the stringent global guidelines you can be assured that the products you use under the PMP Logo are quality that your boys deserve.

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Our products are made in Australia and have been tested by Australian men – so you know they work!
Free from nasties such as phthalates, parabens, SLES, sulphates, DEA’s, petrochemicals, propylyene glycol, artificial colours and vartificial fragrances

  • pH balanced
    for intimate area

  • Made with naturally
    derived materials

  • Organic essential oils.

  • Use morning, noon or night.

  • Gentle yet highly effective

  • Great addition to your routine

  • Gets you ready to take on the world!