Why are my balls smelly?

There could be many reasons including

– Lack of proper hygiene – wash your groin area daily and use products specifically made for the groin such as Perfect Male Package Hygiene Wash. Perfect for circumcised and uncircumcised men.

– Jock itch – a kind of fungal infection associated with sweat and tight clothing. Use Perfect Male Package hygiene wash to cleanse your groin area, dry properly and use Perfect Male Package 4 in 1 Cream to keep your sweat at bay. When possible go commando or wear loose fitting clothes.

– Chemicals – many synthetic chemicals irritate the delicate area around the groin area. Synthetic fragrances, colours, and surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl sulphate which are commonly found in body washes and soaps can cause irritation. Perfect Male Package has been formulated using naturally derived materials and uses, organic essential. Of course, if irritation, rash continues seek medical advice.

What are the Fresh Fellas Refresher Spray?

The Perfect Male Package refresher sprays have been formulated to be used to clean, deodorise and refresh your groin area. Great before going out after work, after sport or gym or anytime you need a pep up.Easy to use in a handy small bottle you can carry around.

Does the Fresh Fellas Refresher Spray need water?

No, the refresher spray is waterless, just spray and go! Instantly you will feel clean and refreshed!

Can I use the Refresher Spray before sex?

Yes, you can! But give the product time to dry before putting a condom on; as the product contains essential oils.

Whats the Fresh Fellas All in One Cream?

We call this product the HERO product. Specifically formulated to keep your groin area FRESH, DRY, DEODORISED& PROTECTED. Use this product after the shower or whenever you need some extra protection. Great for chaffing and with a natural odour neutraliser it will keep you sweat and smell free.

Can I used the Fresh Fellas All in One Cream anywhere?

Yes, you can, anywhere you get some chaffing use the 4 in 1 Cream –groin, bum cheeks even under your armpits. This product is also great for sports people wearing tight sporting wear against their skin!

Where are the products made?

Perfect Male Package products are made in a GMP (ISO 22716) certified factory in Sydney,Australia; where quality control is of prime importance. All Perfect Male Products have been formulated in a laboratory and tested on Aussie Men.

Can my teenage son use PMP Products ?

He certainly can. Perfect Male Package has been formulated with naturally derived materials and organic essential oils, so it is safe to use on all ages.